"Help Stimulate The Australian Economy"

The Australian economy has gone into a recession due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This will impact on our children and grandchildren for many years to come. ALPHAiCASH dropped into the economy can assist the economy to grow.

The ALPHA Program is more than just a reward program. It also offers all the features of a stimulus package injecting hundreds of millions of dollars of ALPHAiCASH currency into the Australian economy.

This action activates supply, fuels demand, creates jobs, improves personal lifestyles, business profits and community groups viability.

Whilst the chemists, public health experts and scientists of the world have been working on a cure for the COVID 19 pandemic, the team at ALPHA have invested time and resources in adapting the ALPHA Program into a solution to assist in revitalising the economy.

Your participation in the program as a business, individual and not for profit can assist the economic policies implemented by government.