Referral Rewards


Looking for a rewarding hobby or pastime. Promote the ALPHA Program to family friends and others and help yourself and the Australian economy grow.

Members receive a referral reward of:
▪ s$30 ALPHAicash for each personal referral who joins the program as a result of their personal referral efforts. 
▪ s$20 ALPHAicash for each of their referral’s referrals who join the program.

Digital s$100 ALPHAiCASH Notes

Members may purchase a Digital s$100 ALPHAiCASH note to promote participation in the program.

 Each digital version of the s$100 ALPHAiCASH note is customised with the members name or business name mentioned through a voiceover and also written on the back.

After registration, members will be provide with a link to the digital note and access to their referral link that is used for referral tracking purposes.

Referral Link

Members can obtain their referral link from the 'View Referral Code and Referral Link' displayed on the 'Dash Home' of the ALPHAiPAY Payment Platform.

Example Promotional Content

Members can then post the s$100 ALPHAiCASH digital note in social media as displayed right, or forwarded in emails to family, friends and others positioning their referral link under or above the promotional content.

Referral Registration

When the referral link is clicked, it will take them to and pre-populate the referring  members referral code in the registration form.

It’s that easy!

Printed s$100 ALPHAiCASH Notes

The printed version of each s$100.00 ALPHAiCASH note is customised with your name displayed on the back as the gifting party together with your referral code.

Printed Note Approach

You are encouraged to distribute the printed notes at sports events, through letterbox drops or to those working in shops, office blocks and commercial premises etc.

After receiving a note the instructions on the back of the note direct the recipient to

Referral Registration

Upon registering in the program at the note bearer is encouraged to post your referral code, positioned on the back of the note, in the space provided on the registration form.

Training and Ongoing Support

Training and ongoing support is provided through zoom webinars, offering the knowledge, understanding and skills required to fast track the growth of the your referrals. 

Tracking Results

Members can track the results of their referral reward efforts by viewing their ALPHAiPAY silver account 'Transaction History'.

Referral rewards are displayed with a red border in the image right.

Level 1 refers to personal referrals and Level 2 refers to referral’s referrals.

Revenue Forecast

The forecasts displayed are based on the distribution of 6,000 s$100.00 printed ALPHAiCASH notes.

Referral Rewards
Referral reward income is the s$30 ALPHAiCASH generated by member for each of those who join the program as a result of their personal efforts.

The image displayed right provides a forecast based on a percentage response from personal referrals only.

You can calculate what you believe the response percentage may be to forecast the revenue you may make from this endeavour. 


Digital Note Investment: $50.00
▪ 1 x digital version of the s$100 ALPHAiCASH note. 

Printed Note Investment: $10.00
▪ 250 x s$100 ALPHAiCASH printed notes.