How To Get Started


Register in the ALPHA Program to receive our Pre-Launch benefits.

TIP: Ensure you enter the referral code, if provided, to go in the ALPHAeMARKET Launch Day Draw for s$100,000.00 ALPHAiCASH.


After you submit the Registration Form you will receive an Activation Email.

If you cannot find your Activation Email check out your "Spam' or 'Junk" mail. If you still cannot find it re-submit your registration to receive another Activation Email.


After receiving your Activation Email complete your ALPHAiPAY Personal Account profile and then login to the ALPHAiPAY Payment Portal. 


To claim your s$100 ALPHAiCASH registration reward, post your mobile number in the field displayed in the 'Home Dash' of the ALPHAiPAY Payment Portal. This action will forward you a code sent to your mobile via SMS. Enter the code in the field.

Boom! Now see the s$100.00 ALPHAiCASH in your ALPHAiPAY Silver Account


If you want to start generating ALPHAiCASH referral rewards you can obtain your referral code and referral link from the link displayed on the 'Home Dash' of the ALPHAiPAY Payment Portal. 

You’ll receive s$30.00 ALPHAiCASH for all personal referrals and $20.00 ALPHAiCASH for your referral’s, referrals! Learn More


Why stop here?

If you’re looking for a business opportunity you can generate cash and ALPHAiCASH from your personal referrals and referral's referrals as an ALPHA Associate. Learn More