ALPHA Royalty Licence Offering

ALPHA Royalty Licences enable licensees to attach a number of royalty units to their licence at $50.00 each. Each unit value is forecast to rise to over $968.00 after the first two years of program operation.

Royalties as an alternative investment 

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Royalties are a unique form of investment.

Compared to stocks, they provide a stable, fairly low-risk alternative for investors. Instead of owning a share of the company's stock that fluctuates daily, investors are guaranteed a monthly payment based on the company's revenue. 

Business owners also do not have the burden of sharing ownership of the company with their investors. These benefits have made royalties common investments in venture financing, natural gas/oil and entertainment, and could potentially spread to other industries in the future.

Offering Overview

An ALPHA Royalty Licence Offering is an opportunity to generate a monthly residual income based on the number of royalty units purchased and attached to the licence.

Each time an ALPHA Program member makes a sale, the transaction fee charged on the sale is deducted from that member’s ALPHAiPAY cash account and deposited into the ALPHAiPAY transaction fee account.

At the end of each month 15% of the funds in the ALPHAiPAY transaction fee account are transferred into the ALPHAiPAY royalty pool account, ready for distribution into the Royalty Licensee’s ALPHAiPAY cash accounts.  

The amount of income that each Royalty Licensee receives is based on the number of royalty units they purchased in the royalty pool which consists of 120,000 Royalty Units.  

A monthly report is provided to Royalty Licensees to validate transaction fee collection and royalty unit revenue distribution.  

As the program membership base grows so will the volume of program sales grow, resulting in a greater volume of transaction fees being paid by sellers, and therefore the greater the earnings per royalty unit.

Members may seek to borrow ALPHAiCASH interest free must purchase an ALPHA Royalty Licence and attach the number of royalty units required to collateralise their ALPHAiCASH borrowings. They may also use future income to be generated from the royalty license to prepay their ALPHAiCASH borrowings.

The major differance between buying shares in a company and buying ALPHA royaltyunits is that, royalties are drawn from the gross returns of transacton fee revenue, which are credited to the ALPHAiPAY Royalty Pool Account for distribution to Royalty Licensees. Unlike dividends on shares, they are NOT subject to deduction, including provision for administration expenses, and directors' fees and salaries.

Return On Buy-In Amount 

The buy-in amount for round one of the pre-launch offer at $50.00 per royalty unit could be very lucrative compared to future rounds.

The value of each royalty unit is forecast to increase to $175.00 after the first year, $968.00 at the end of the second year, and $3,578.00 at the end of the third year of operation generating an extremely healthy return.

Minimum Buy-In Amount

The minimum buy-in amount in the pre-launch round one offer is $100.00 for two royalty units

Term of Licence

The term of the licence to hold the royalty units is three years from the units date of acquisition.

However after three years of purchase, Licensees will have the option to either extend the term, or exit.

Exit Strategy

In order to exit, Royalty Licensees may offer their royalty units for sale on the ALPHA Revenue Exchange.

The ALPHA Revenue Exchange is an online marketplace for those who seek to sell and purchase ALPHA royalty units.  

Use of Funds

Funds generated from the pre-launch round offers will primarily be used to fund the ongoing maintenance and development of the technology, creation of promotional materials, grow the membership base and remunerate staff.

Revenue Forecast Summary 

In summary, buying into round one of the pre-launch offer of $50.00 per royalty unit could be very lucrative considering the forecast royalty unit value at the end of the program’s first year of operation of $175.00 and further forecasts of growth to $968.00 at the end of the second year, and to $3,578.00 at the end of the third year.

Growth Forecast Summary

The image displays the results of the configerations used to forecast the growth of the membership base and resulting income over three years of operation.

The figures display the number of businesss and consumers who join the program, average consumer weekly spend, transaction fee income, and the value of the royalty units from the beginning of the pre-launch period to the end of the third year of operation. 


All statements herein are or may be deemed to be forward-looking statements. These statements are based on ALPHA Rewards Pty Ltd’s current plans and expectations and involve risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause our actual results, performance or achievements to be different from any future results, performance and achievements expressed or implied by these statements.