ALPHA Country Licences

ALPHA Country Licensees can assist their country's inhabitants beat the economic downturn caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, by activating supply, fueling demand, creating jobs, improving personal lifestyles, business profits and not for profits viability


Substantial Income Potential
▪ Proven Concept 
▪ Multiple Revenue Streams
▪ Extensive Training
▪ Continuous Support
▪ Equitable Setup Costs


An opportunity exists to invest in a licence to operate the ALPHA Program for a country.

The ALPHA Program consists of a membership base of large and small to medim size businesses and individuals ("members") who join together to form an economic circle.

Members derive economic benefit from the administrative, marketing, record-keeping and interest free financing services provided by the country licensee ("licensee")

Being an ALPHA Program country licensee is your opportunity to participate in socially responsible endeavor to meet the economic challenges caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.  

The ALPHA Program adds additional ALPHAiCASH currency to the countries existing money supply. This action activates demand, fuels supply, creates jobs, improves personal lifestyles, business profits and community group viability.

Licence Expansion

A country licensee has already been  appointed for Australia and further expansion into New Zealand, USA, Canada and the United Kingdom is forecast to take place over the next three years.

Licensees for Asia and Europe will be appointed as the opportunities arise.

Role and Responsibility

The primary role of the licensee is to grow the program membership base through innovative, proven strategies. 

The primary responsibility of the licensee is prudent and collateralized extension of ALPHAiCASH credit.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Licensee generates income from:
Business packages sold to large and small to medium size businesses ("businesses").

Monthly ALPHAiPAY account fees charged to businesses

ALPHAiPAY transaction fee ranging from 1.9-9.95%  paid by members on sales to their non-referred referrals.

Initial Training and Ongoing Support

Initial training and ongoing support is offered to country licensees through webinars.

Webinars may also be scheduled for other times as requested by the licensee.

Specific topics such as digital communication, social media marketing, accounting etc. will be presented by industry professionals.