The Program

The ALPHA Program is an abbreviated term for the ALPHA Community Economic Reward and Stimulus Program ("ALPHA Program, program").

The term ALPHA Program incorporates the ALPHAiPAY transaction processing and interest-free financing platform; the ALPHAeMARKET business and classified listing website; the members; ALPHAiCASH currency; terms and conditions, and the systems and procedures that permit members to derive economic benefit from their use of the system.

Business Model

The ALPHA Program business models core focus is economic development via the use of the program’s private issue, debt-free and interest-free, dollar-based digital currency called ALPHAiCASH.

The program was initially due to be launched as an added value buyer-reward solution in a customer loyalty/reward program shortly before the COVID 19 pandemic commenced devasting many countries’ economies.

Due to a demand in the marketplace for an increase in a circulating medium to supplement the existing monetary system the program was re-engineered to incorporate additional elements to assist in boosting the economies of those countries affected by the pandemic.

Whilst the chemists, public health experts and scientists of the world worked on a health cure for the pandemic, ALPHA Global invested capital, time and resources into re-engineering the reward program into an economic solution to assist in revitalising the economies of countries affected.

The ideology that the program is based on and the use of ALPHAiCASH as a debt-free and interest-free digital currency to boost the economy was partially born from the works and theories of Adam Smith, Silvio Gesell, and Nobel prize winners in economics, Professor F.A. Hayek and Professor Milton Friedman.

Economic Model

The ALPHA Program’s economic model was based on creating an alternative organized market where members could list their offerings for sale promoting to pay ALPHAiCASH as an added value reward, and/or, accept ALPHAiCASH or a blend of cash and ALPHAiCASH towards payment.

Members use of ALPHAiCASH would 'pump prime' the national economy and activate the potential wealth of the community, increasing business activity, creating jobs, improving the individual’s quality of life and not for profits economic viability. 

The creator’s vision was to provide participants of the new market with economic freedom from the constraints and controls they presently endure through their sole dependence on the sufficient supply of cash in circulation.

This dependence has left many business operators and individuals worldwide vulnerable to market forces generally beyond their control. Not because they have nothing to sell, or, because there is no demand to purchase their offerings, merely because the demand for their offerings has been suppressed by an insufficient supply of cash in circulation. This fact is evidenced through the current economic crisis which is hindering many countries’ economies.

Proof Of Concept

The ALPHA Program is founded and extends upon proven and successful business models, evidencing proof of concept and offering many of the characteristics, features, benefits, and functionalities of:
* auction/classified listing style models like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba, and,
* payment processing style models like Amazon Pay, PayPal and Ali Pay. 

The program also offers all the features of points-based added value customer reward/loyalty programs like flybuys, and USA based shopkick together with the cash-saving benefits of discount/daily deal style models like groupon. All these features are rolled into the ALPHA Program providing one comprehensive economic solution.

Market Potential

The image displayed right portrays the phenomenal growth and market acceptance of customer reward/loyalty style programs in a few of the English speaking countries in the global marketplace with large corporations too small to medium size business participating in some form of program.

All these features are rolled into the ALPHA Program providing one comprehensive economic solution.