Australian Licensee

ALPHA Rewards (Aust) Pty Ltd. ("ALPHA Rewards") is the Country Licensee for Australia. The ALPHA Rewards management team is guided by the programs co-founders who sit on the ALPHA Rewards advisory board.

View the profiles of ALPHA Rewards management team and you will see a structure of socially responsible professionals who have a passion for supporting their community. 

The management team will grow considerably over the months leading up to the launch of the program in Australia. 

Tylor Bunting

Rhiannon Bunting

Selena Bunting



This timeline displays the intended pre-launch and launch timeframes for Australia.

Pre-Launch Australia
November 2020 

The pre-launch phase will be used to build the consumer and business membership base ready for the Launch of the ALPHAeMARKET.

ALPHAeMARKET Launch Australia
July 2021

The launch phase will enable members to use the ALPHAeMARKET to list their offerings for sale and use ALPHAiPAY to pay, receive, borrow  and spend ALPHAiCASH interest FREE.

Income Opportunity

If you too can see how a reward program that offers so much will be a huge success consider being part of this innovation by participating as an ALPHA Royalty Licensee and buy into part of the transaction fees paid by sellers. 

ALPHA Royalty Licensees receive a monthly, residual income from revenue generated from the number of royalty units they choose to attach to the royalty licence.

At this time one royalty unit can be purchased for as little as $50.00 and its value is forecast to rise to over $960.00 after two years of program operation.

Learn more about the ALPHA Royalty Licence Offering.