ALPHAiPAY is the registration, reward, interest free financing and transaction processing centre of the ALPHA Reward Program.

Learn more about participating for personal use, or as a business, not for profit or as a licensee.

ALPHA Pre-Launch Offer

Join now and receive for free:
▪ ALPHAiPAY account to receive, borrow and spend
▪ s$100 ALPHAiCASH to kick-start your journey
▪ s$30 ALPHAiCASH for personal referrals 
▪ s$20 ALPHAiCASH for your referral’s referrals
▪ Access to interest-free ALPHAiCASH loans

* If you have a referral code, enter it in the space provided on the registration form to be in the ALPHAeMARKET Launch Day Draw for your chance to win s$100,000 ALPHAiCASH 

Spend ALPHAiCASH reward dollars 

Spend ALPHAiCASH reward dollars received for free, or borrowed interest free towards the purchase of a wide variety of products and services inclusive of cars, boats, your first home and other real estate

Help stimulate the economy

Help yourself and the Australian economy grow, from the economic trauma caused by COVID 19 by assisting us build the program membership base as an ALPHA Associate Licensee and generate serious income. You can also generate serious income while assisting our financial efforts to grow the business by buying into part of the company profits through our ALPHA Royalty License Offering.

Enjoy your ALPHA Journey!

Tylor Bunting
ALPHA Australia

Receive 20% - 100% back in ALPHAiCASH reward dollars for purchases from a growing number of businesses.